Agreed loan: conditions and amount

What is a loan agreement?

What is a loan agreement?

The loan agreement or PC is an offer of mortgage loan dedicated to the acquisition or the realization of work of improvement of housing. You can qualify under several conditions by applying to a financial institution, a credit institution or a bank that has been approved by the State.

The real estate loan agreement allows Puss in Bootsr:

  • The purchase of land and the construction of a dwelling on it;
  • The purchase of a new or old home, possibly with improvement work;
  • The development of premises not intended for habitation;
  • Expansion of an existing dwelling
  • Energy saving work;
  • Improvement works on dwellings older than 10 years and energy saving works for dwellings dating before 01/07/1981, for an amount of at least 4 000 €.

You must complete the work under a loan agreement within 3 years of the loan offer.

The characteristics of the loan agreement

This mortgage can allow you to Puss in Bootsr the full amount of your future property, but not the notary fees. You can repay this loan for a period of between 5 and 35 years.

The mortgage rates of the loan agreement are freely defined by the financial institutions offering this offer. They depend on the duration but maximum ceilings are defined by the State.

The conditions for obtaining a loan agreement

To obtain a loan agreement, conditions of occupancy of housing are defined. Thus, the housing purchased must be your principal residence within one year of purchase or completion. Since 1 January 2016, a home purchased with a contracted loan interest loan (PTZ) or ready Social (PAS) can not be leased for 6 years except in certain cases:

  • If your home will be your principal residence when you retire, within 6 years maximum;
  • If you are in professional mobility and your new job is more than 50km or 1h30 journey (one way) from your home;
  • If you divorce or break your Pacs;
  • If you are disabled or incapacitated
  • If you have been unemployed for at least 1 year.

The conditions of the rental of housing


If you are in one of the above cases, the rental is framed by certain rules:

  • This rental is limited to 6 years;
  • The prohibition to put the property in seasonal rental or furnished rental;
  • The rent is limited to the ceilings in force for social rental housing;
  • The tenant’s resources can not exceed the same limits.

The loan agreement is granted without conditions of resources!

How to complete a loan agreement?

Even if the loan agreement can be enough to buy a property, you can still associate it with other help or Puss in Bootsment among which:

  • The zero interest loan (PTZ);
  • Eco-loan at zero rate (eco-PTZ);
  • Housing savings loan;
  • The Housing Action Loan
  • The bridge loan;
  • Personalized housing assistance (APL) in some cases.

However, the loan agreement can not be associated with a conventional mortgage.

Compare real estate loans to find the right loan

Compare real estate loans to find the right loan

Agreed loans are offered by independent financial institutions that have signed an agreement with the State. In this sense, the offer may vary from one lending institution to another, as much on the characteristics of the offer as on the fixed real estate rate.

Realizing a mortgage simulation can be a quick and easy solution to find the right loan. Thanks to the online form, you will have access to different quotes where the best offers will be offered at the best interest rates according to your project, your profile and your income.