Medical expenses: over seven million Italians apply for a loan


Italians increasingly choose to rely on private medical care, according to the latest Censis-Rbm Health Insurance report. By the end of 2018, Italian private health spending will reach a record 40 billion euros. The figure is up on the end of 2017, when spending amounted to 37.3 billion.

Consumers pay considerable and increasingly large sums for drugs, specialist visits, dental services, laboratory diagnosis and analysis.

Last year, 44 million Italians privately faced medical expenses , with non-trivial difficulties for low-income households. The Censis report indicates that, for a worker, the entire thirteenth is spent on treatment and medical visits for the family : almost 1,100 euros a year.

In this regard, today we talk about funding for medical care and expenses : these are loans specifically designed to deal with a sudden need for liquidity and, also, to cover some incidental expenses, such as some cases of cosmetic surgery.

A loan for medical care and expenses to buffer emergencies


The Censis tells us that in the last year as many as 7 million Italians have applied for loans for treatment, also in relation to some bureaucratic delays in the national health system. Far from making controversy, in reality, for many reasons, it is important to know that funding represents a cost-effective solution for budget planning , especially in relation to current rates, which are still very low.

To learn more about the characteristics and functioning of medical and medical care loans , we invite you to consult our dedicated guide, of which, below, we summarize the main points.

Let’s start with what a loan for medical care and expenses includes. Here are the macro reference items:

  • Surgical interventions;
  • Physiotherapeutic and rehabilitative treatments;
  • Dental and dental care;
  • Expenses for nursing homes and care for the sick and non self-sufficient persons;
  • Beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.

There are basically two ways to obtain financing



With a finalized loan , the financed amount is immediately recognized by the clinic, in agreement with a credit institution or a financial institution, to which the loan will be repaid; in the case of liquidity lending, the user gets a share of money from the credit institution or financial company, with direct repayment and without specifying the actual purpose.

Clearly, each loan is disbursed only if the applicant meets certain creditworthiness requirements. Even in the case of loans for treatment and medical expenses, provides users with specific tools, aimed at calculating the most suitable installment income or repayment plan for each individual’s needs.

A loan for medical care and expenses also covers cosmetic procedures

A loan for medical care and expenses also covers cosmetic procedures


In the news “Women and loans: a winning combination”, we have highlighted how Italy is firmly in the top 10 nations of the world in terms of number of plastic interventions. It is possible, as mentioned above, to request a loan with this specific purpose.

We also remind you that, according to current legislation, only the expenses for aesthetic interventions for the recovery of the person’s health and functional normality are deductible , while cosmetic surgery aimed at improving appearance of the person.

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